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“Courtney is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable professional. Her insight and understanding into my issues with PTSD as well as trauma and grief have been instrumental to helping me heal.” ~Angela 

“I don’t know how I would have managed if Courtney hadn’t come help us after the birth of our twins. She gave me the kind of sensible, solid support that a tired and overwhelmed new mom needed, helping out in many different ways and also bringing me confidence in my own parenting skills. My 3 ½ year old fell in love with her. Smart, kind, and capable, Courtney brought energy and warmth to our home. Her help was an invaluable gift for which I’ll always be grateful.”  ~Isabelle

“I was ready to throw in the towel on therapy after spending over a year with different counseling professionals. Finding Courtney was a godsend. She was the first professional who not only listened, but gave me the tools I needed to help myself. Courtney is not a passive counselor. She is genuinely concerned about getting you to where you need to be and can provide the guidance to get you there.” ~Iris 

“Courtney has always given off a judgment free feeling. Whether I just need an open ear or help understanding feelings. The door has always been open for me and I can't imagine having a better person to talk to!” ~Sara

“Courtney is a wonderful counselor.   She is compassionate, caring and a great listener.   She will help you work through your problems on your own.  This process gives you the ability to solve issues on your own when you are alone and in a possible dark place.  She will help you to grow and love yourself.” ~Yvette

“It’s hard to say in a few words or sentences what Courtney taught me and showed me. When I started treatment I was at my lowest point but she taught to live life again and enjoy the small things.” ~Anonymous 

“Courtney is a fantastic therapist and she has been a vital part of my growth over the past two years. Her attention to detail and personalized approach to therapy is simply amazing and has made it comfortable opening up and made it that much easier to work through my depression and anxiety. She is a wonderful human being and I would definitely recommend her.” ~Jay

“Courtney has helped me in so many different ways. She has helped me grow more than I could even imagine. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to see her. She has always gone above and beyond for me. I will forever be thankful for her. She is an amazing, insightful, brilliant human being that has genuinely saved my life.” ~Anonymous 

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Belladonna Wellness

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About Belladonna Wellness

Professional wellness coaching services, psychoeducation, workshops, mental health advocacy and organizational consulting with a trauma-informed, person-centered and liberation psychology approach.  Office hours in Clifton Park, NY, Albany, NY and via teleconference. 

Belladonna Wellness Services

Psychoeducation and Wellness Coaching

Trauma-informed, person-centered, collaborative, culturally sensitive and holistic approaches are used in supporting you to ascertain the wellspring of any discord in your current life and to create a personal map toward development into your whole self. I am concrete and practical but also utilize empathy as I learn your story, as no one has the incredibly unique story that you have. My intent is to support you in creating the most fulfilling and satisfying daily life possible. Along the way we will address any barriers or roadblocks that limit your access to wellness. $120/initial 90 minute session, $80/subsequent 60 minute sessions. (Financial hardship application available upon request.) 

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Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is an evidence-based, non-contact energy work modality utilized for stress reduction, chronic pain management, healing promotion and relaxation. $60/45 minute session and consult. 

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Essential Oil Consultation 

Aromatherapy consultation available upon request. Samples provided. Essential oils are typically used topically with a carrier oil or in an essential oil diffuser to support stress reduction, mental clarity and emotional regulation. In this consult we will explore different oils and their uses and engage the senses as you decide which scents you find most comforting. $60/45 minute session. (Cost includes in-session samples and one take home essential oil sample.)


Postpartum Doula Services 

Postpartum mother and baby support in-home including emotional support, breastfeeding support, infant care and meal preparation. We may also assess your social support system and brainstorm in order to create a stronger sense of community and thus a decreased risk for postpartum blues. Prenatal planning consults available, as well. I have offered postpartum doula care in upstate New York and Vermont since 2002; I also bring my experiences as a mother, postpartum psychotherapist, former private childbirth assistant and hospital postpartum technician to your care. $60/45 minute prenatal consult, $100/3 hour block of in-home postpartum care.


Health, Psychology and Wellness Content Writing

I offer health, psychology and wellness content writing for your business, periodical or blog.  Services include researching industry-related topics, preparing drafts using digital publishing platforms, interviewing industry professionals and incorporating their views into articles or blog posts, editing and proofreading written pieces before publication, conducting keyword research and using SEO guidelines to optimize content and collaborating effectively with editors, websites and/or publications.  Rates vary according to project.

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Organizational Consulting 

Consulting services tailored to the needs of your business, nonprofit or community group with a special focus on improving the functioning of organizational mental health systems via trauma-aware, humanistic and anti-racist lenses. Services are designed to assess and improve  productivity and chronic, systemic turnover, explore workplace conflicts and problem patterns, reduce liability and to generally increase employee mental health, wellness and long-term retention through creating a healthy work culture. Rates vary according to client needs.  

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Published Work

Office Hours

Office hours by appointment. Video and phone consults available upon request. 


Courtney Barber, MHC

I hold both a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.  My personal and professional experiences as a mother, daughter, trauma-informed mental health counselor, childbirth assistant, postpartum doula, Hospice volunteer, holistic health practitioner, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, social justice advocate, writer and martial artist all inform my approaches to wellness and health. Since 2000, I have worked with wellness clients in a wide variety of settings. My special areas of interest are trauma, grief, postpartum depression, domestic violence, diverse abilities, holistic health, fitness promotion and mindfulness-based stress reduction. 
I also firmly believe in a team approach to healing and will support you in creating a sense of community care. Who are your biggest supporters? Who is there for you in your life? My intent is always to facilitate movement toward health on multiple levels: personal, familial, professional and community wellness. My work is informed by humanistic, person-centered, trauma-aware, liberation and anti-racist theory as well as personal and professional experience in a range of systems where individuals are striving to navigate the personal and cultural effects of intersecting identities in a complex world. 

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